Hospital Bookings

Brisbane Street Studios is the closest accommodation to the PA Hospital being only a 2 minute walk away.  As an approved provider under the PTS scheme we can assist you with your reservation details and specific needs. Simply give us a call and we will facilitate the process for you.                                                                                      

Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme (PTS)

Queensland Health provides assistance to patients and their carers who need to travel to attend treatment not available in their local area. This is the Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme more commonly referred to as PTS. Eligibility for the scheme is determined by a Patient Travel Office attached to your local referring hospital.

The PTS will pay up to $70 (plus $7 GST) for the patient (whilst not an in-patient obviously) and often another $77 for an Escort or carer. This will usually cover the full cost of the room but sometimes (particularly for short stays) there will be a gap payment required.

Brisbane Street Studios is an approved accommodation provider under the scheme. This enables us to bill Queensland Health for the amount covered by the scheme and then our guest just pays any gap payable.  Guests need to contact their local Patient Travel Office and have them email through to us an Accommodation Confirmation Form prior to their arrival.

To avoid being charged for the full cost of the accommodation guests then need to leave a signed copy of the Accommodation Confirmation Form with Reception prior to checking out.

We understand how stressful hospital stays can be and PTS can be complicated so we are more than happy to help you through the process.